Consumer studies have proven that a beautiful smile will make you look and feel more attractive. But according to research conducted by Beall Research & Training of Chicago, a new smile will make you appear more intelligent, interesting, successful and even wealthy to others as well. Can the benefits of having a beautiful and healthy smile really go beyond the obvious? Today let’s explore how having a great smile can tap deeper into your life by making you happier by improving your mind, body, and spirit.
A healthy mouth leads to a longer, healthier life
The mouth is the point of entry for all of the body’s nutrients – as well as many of its infections. The most important thing to know is that good oral hygiene forms a barrier against diseases entering your body. Researchers now link common gum diseases such as gingivitis with an array of serious health concerns such as diabetes, stroke, premature birth and hypertension. It might seem odd that the mouth could be the gateway to such broad-scope diseases, but think we breathe, swallow, talk and ingest through the mouth. Brushing and flossing at home 2-3 times daily and professional teeth cleanings every 4-6 months can help ward off infections.
Feel more positive and motivated by smiling !
Psychologist Dr. David Lewis says, “Seeing a smile creates what is termed as a ‘halo’ effect, helping us to remember other happy events more vividly, feel more optimistic, more positive and more motivated.” It may sound silly but whenever you need a boost just look in the mirror and simply smile.

Smiling is a natural pain killer
Did you know that smiling can act as a natural drug? Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins (proteins that are similar to opioids and can fight pain) and the neurotransmitter serotonin–which both make us feel good and cause a sense of well-being.
It’s impossible to be insecure when you’re smiling
Your smile can protect you from something just as debilitating as high blood pressure or an infection: insecurity. That’s right; insecurity is fear and fear kills hopes, dreams, thoughts, accomplishments and goals. When we are fearful, we doubt ourselves; when we doubt ourselves, we give up on things before we even try. Don’t let a simple thing like your smile rob you of life’s greatest opportunities.
More Smiles =More Confidence
It’s a pretty simple equation, don’t you think? Think how much easier life would be if you had a healthier, whiter smile while you were working on your self-confidence. Think about the most powerful and successful people in our nation: President Obama, Joe Bidden, Oprah, Tom Cruise, Halle Berry, and Beyonce, they all known for wearing great smiles. Watch them carefully next time they appear in public and see how broadly, how widely they smile; notice how the wider, brighter and more naturally they smile, the more confident, radiant and likeable they appear. This is no accident. You can feel just as confident too when you feel good about your smile.

Here’s my “Golden Rule”: Never underestimate the power of a smile!