Dr. Catrise Austin & You: 1-on-1 Virtual Smile Makeover Consultations.

For those of you who may not know me, my name is Dr. Catrise Austin, AKA The Queen of Smiles. I am a cosmetic dentist that has been named as one of the Top 25 Women In Dentistry. You may have seen me on NBC’s Today Show, ABC, or even TMZ sharing cosmetic dentistry tips from my #1 best selling books called “GetSmiled” and “The Ultimate Guide To Charcoal Teeth Whitening”. I even received an amazing award at the Harvard Faculty Club in Boston for my speech on “The Power of A Smile”.

Summer is here and this is the time that everyone aims to look their best and sexiest! Some of you have been in the gym all winter, you got your bodies tight and ready to kill them this summer as you go on your vacations; posting those selfies and profile pics on social media; hitting social events like weddings, reunions, concerts or whatever you are into socially.
So I thought that this would be the perfect time to help you discover how you can get one of your greatest assets ready for the summer—YOUR SMILE! During our virtual consultation, we are going to talk about—cosmetic dentistry and options that may be able to improve your smile!!!

The reason why I’m so excited about talking to you about cosmetic dentistry one-one-one is because for the past 20 years, I’ve worked hundreds of clients from coast to coast (including some famous smiles like Cardi B, DJ Khaled, Anthony Anderson, Common, Wendy Williams, Maks from Dancing With The Stars, Paula Abdul, and many more ) and cosmetic dentistry is truly one of the quickest, easiest, and most life changing ways that can get your smile looking brighter, younger, smoking hot, and ready for action this summer.

I promise to share:

The insider secrets on the latest teeth whitening options on the market for getting rid of stains and yellow teeth.

Tips on how to discover if you are even a candidate for cosmetic dentistry and how to choose which methods would be best for your smile.

The top cosmetic dentistry procedures on the market

General costs for cosmetic dentistry

Payment plan options that are available on the market so that you can smile now, and pay for it later!

How to maintain your smile so that it can last for a lifetime!

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