How Cardi B Got Her Smile Makeover And Fixed Her Teeth

We visited Cardi B's dentist Dr. Catrise Austin- Cosmetic Dentist, Author, Speaker, Owner to find out exactly how big of a bag we needed to get that Bardi smile. Hear more about our smile makeovers

Posted by BET on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Dr. Catrise Austin is the perfect choice for stories on the following topics:

• Oral Health Trends in 2017
• Smile Makeovers
• Diabetes and Oral Health
• Improving Your Personal and Professional Style and Image With Your Smile
• Building Your Brand and Legacy As A Female Entrepreneur
• Celebrity Smiles and Red Carpet Smile Reports During Award Seasons
• Careers in Dentistry
• The Business of Dentistry
• Today’s Hottest Dental Products
• Dental Insurance and Dental Health Policies
• And more!

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