National Colgate Spokesperson

American Diabetes Association Spokesperson & Total Health Advocate

In 2013, Dr. Austin became an official Advocate for The American Diabetes Association’s Stop Diabetes® campaign with Colgate Total. As part of her advocacy, Dr. Austin created a charity team in New York to support Step Out called “Smiles for Diabetes.” Walk day is a huge celebration and takes place each October in New York City.

Brand Spokesperson

Dr. Catrise Austin is an oral health expert and American Diabetes Association ambassador who joined Colgate’s panel of health and wellness experts in 2013 for their “Watch Your Mouth” Campaign to educate Americans living with diabetes.
“It’s important for the public to know that there is a strong connection between diabetes and gum disease,” says Dr. Catrise Austin. “95% of diabetics suffer from mild, moderate, or advanced gum disease which is indicated by signs of bleeding gums, loss of gum tissues, loose teeth, persistent bad breath, and more. High blood sugar is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and infections to grow all over the body, which includes infections in the mouth. A gum infection in the mouth in turn interferes with a diabetic’s body to use insulin to control blood sugar. The two truly go hand in hand to wreak havoc on the body.”