Meet Dr. Austin

Dr. Catrise Austin, trailblazing cosmetic dentist, spokesperson, and author of a powerful new consumer dentistry book called “GetSmiled: The Ultimate Guide To Improving Your Image With Your Greatest Asset—Your Smile! is on a mission to help touch the hearts of the world and make everyone smile.

For nearly 20 years, New York City cosmetic dentist Dr. Catrise Austin, better known as The Queen of Smiles, has been in the business of transforming smiles for singles, business people, celebrities, and simply anyone looking to simply enjoy life with a better smile. Dr. Austin says, “I take my job as a cosmetic dentist very seriously and quite personally because dentistry actually changed my life as a teen. When I was a young child I noticed that my teeth were different. By the time I reached high school, I really started to feel a bit self-conscious about my smile. So at the age of 15, my mom invested in braces to improve my smile. When the braces were removed 1 year later, my life completely changed!”

Independent consumer studies conducted on behalf of The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) have proved that a beautiful smile will not only make you more attractive, but a new smile will also make you appear more intelligent, interesting, successful, and wealthy to others as well.

Dr. Catrise Austin recently got a chance to test this theory out when she was called by the popular VH1 reality TV show Love and Hip Hop New York to transform the smile of its breakout star rapper Cardi B who had been constantly ridiculed on social media about her less than perfect smile. In just 2 visits, Dr. Austin transformed Cardi B’s smile with porcelain veneers and literally changed her life. When the transformation debuted on the season premiere episode of season 7 of Love and Hip Hop New York last November, it sparked smile makeover frenzy!

Now Dr. Catrise Austin is living her dreams by helping consumers from all over the world to “GetSmiled” by the dentist to the stars. Today, you can find many of the successful smile transformation stories that Dr. Austin features on video on her new website, and on her Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Dr. Austin says, “Right now, anyone who is not happy with their smile has two choices. They can either continue on the path of feeling unhappy, insecure, and even lonely because of their smile or they can take action today, right now,

by investing in my GetSmiled Smile Makeover Image Booster Package and start to experience a boost in their confidence, experience more success in their career, and even find more happiness in their social or love life today…. this choice is theirs!” The key is just getting past any barrier such a money or fear, and taking the first step of either signing up on her website or simply calling to book an appointment at her New York office.

Today thousands of everyday hard working Americans including musicians, actors, comedians, journalists, models, beauty pageant contestants, professional athletes have placed their smiles in Dr. Austin’s capable hands. During her nearly 20 years in practice, her celebrity patient lists has included clientele such as Anthony Anderson, DJ Khaled, Common, Cardi B, ASAP Rocky, Busta Rhymes, JB Smoove, Karina Smirnoff, Maksim Chercovsky, Wendy Williams, New York Giant’s legend Carl Banks, and many others. But beyond the celebrated elite, Dr. Austin’s true goal is to empower and educate ALL about the importance of having excellent dental health and putting your best image forward at all times by showcasing a beautiful, confident smile. Dr. Catrise Austin continues to build a reputation as one of dentistry’s most influential dentists as she was named as one of the “Top 25 Women In Dentistry” by Dental Products Report Magazine in 2015. In addition, her social media presence as a dentistry expert and personality is quickly growing and so are her loyal followers. Dr. Austin prides herself on keeping up with the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques by being an active member of the world’s largest cosmetic dentistry organization the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).